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Soon after establishing the firm, we launched our first two investment partnerships, Indigo Capital Partners I and II, with proprietary capital. These two investment partnerships, now closed, yielded returns significantly higher than median returns of comparable private equity funds from respective vintage years.

With the launch of Indigo Capital Partners III in 2007, our investment practice expanded to include third-party investors. Net distributions from the fund outperformed the industry average for similar funds of the same vintage.

Indigo Capital Partners III was followed by the creation of several structured investment vehicles (SIVs) tailored for specific investments, such as Torrecom Partners. In 2013, we launched Indigo Capital Partners IV. Five years later, in 2018, we launched our latest fund, Indigo Capital Partners V.

Over the course of nine years, Indigo Capital’s ability to deliver without fail at critical junctures allowed us to launch our AFORE (private social security trust administrator), focus on our fund performance, and expand distribution. As a result, InverCap grew from US$180 million in AUM with 70 employees in 2004 to over US$10 billion in AUM and over 4,300 employees in ten years.

Cesar Montemayor, Chairman & CEO, InverCap
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